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Human-centered problem solver from planet Earth.

I’m Mike McAlister, a designer and principal software engineer from the Midwest, USA. I build killer products and brands that people love.

Meet Mike

Mike McAlister

For 15 years, I’ve been hard at work founding, growing, and selling delightful digital products that are used and loved by hundreds of thousands of creators across the web.

As a seasoned designer, I’m passionate about solving complex problems with pixels by combining research, clever technology, and thoughtful design. As a principal engineer, I’m passionate about leading teams, leveling-up coworkers, and curating a culture of quality that breathes life into products and consistently drives results.

With this formula, I’ve launched and grown multiple projects from ground zero to over a million dollars in revenue before, ultimately, being acquired.

Right now, I’m working as a Principal Software Engineer at WP Engine, leading the effort to revolutionize WordPress with industry-leading design and dev tools. I’m also working on the Liftoff Course, an effort to share everything I’ve learned about creating and selling successful digital products.

Off the clock, you can find me taking photos, exploring the cosmos, playing guitar and bass, making beats, woodworking, tinkering with electronics, and taking epic road trips with my wife, Mandi.

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My Latest Work

Liftoff Creator Course

Over the years, I've learned a spaceship full of knowledge about what it takes to create lucrative digital products that solve problems (and look good while they do it). I've put everything I know into the Liftoff course to help you grow an audience and start making money as a digital creator!

I created the Liftoff course to teach you step-by-step how to pinpoint your expertise and turn it into digital products like courses, ebooks, memberships, digital goods, podcasts, and templates that earn recurring revenue.

Get Liftoff Now →

And some other tunes I've written

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WordPress is all grown up now and we need more powerful and thoughtful solutions to match that maturity. Ollie represents a new era of WordPress — one where outstanding design, speed, and accessibility are ever-present. Hop on the launch list to find out what I’m building.

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Atomic Blocks experienced super quick growth as a first-to-market plugin and educational resource for the new WordPress block editor. My early work on this product not only helped spark developer interest in the new editor, but it also shaped a few of the early block features in WordPress core.

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Over the course of several years, I created a collection of 20+ beautifully-crafted and human-centered WordPress themes. Array became the antithesis of overly-complicated solutions that long-dominated the WordPress landscape and still powers many thousands of websites to this day.

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Press & Speaking

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Let's chat!

Got an interesting partnership or opportunity you want to chat about? Looking for product mentorship or life advice? Let’s do it! Drop me a good ol' fashioned email or hit me up on your social media platform of choice.

Mike McAlister

Principal Engineer & Designer


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