It seems like everyday there is a new article or tweet condemning techniques, services, apps and workflows. “Stop using Photoshop!” they say. “Flat design is a trend!” they say. “You can’t code and design!” they say. Welcome to the internet where you’re doing everything wrong, always.

The important thing to remember is, ignore all of it. Every word. Most of these people are so busy writing articles and tweets about how not to create and, subsequently, defending their position across the internet, that they have no time to actually output anything meaningful themselves.

My advice? Ignore all of this static. Instead, go create something great, with whatever tools or resources you want to use. While they are busy telling the internet what to do and how not to do it, you can spend that time building the next Facebook with MS Paint and Dreamweaver. As long as your final product rules, no one can criticize you for how you got there. Well, they can, but who cares, you just built something great!

I’m sure we’ve all heard the age-old adage before, “It’s not the tools you use, but how you use them.” This couldn’t be more relevant, still. Technology gives designers and developers more tools to work with, but someone who doesn’t use the latest technology is no less a designer or developer. Good designers and developers don’t rely on the technology itself, rather their creativity in how they utilize technology.

The “You’re doing it wrong!” attitude is an unavoidable plague in the web industry, given our ever-evoloving ecosystem. It’s even a celebrated insult in the WordPress community! However hilarious this might seem, it’s also elitist and unnecessary. We can keep evolving our standards and common practices in the web world without pushing subjective opinions as absolutes, and without ostracizing designers and developers in the process.